General meeting

As per the decision made on 7th September there will be no meeting in October, and thus the next meeting will be Thursday 2nd November at 1pm.

At the General meeting on 7th September it was agreed that future General Meetings will be held every other month on the first Thursday of the month (starting 2nd November). These meetings are two-way meetings, (1) for the committee to tell you what's going on and what's coming up in the future, and (2) for you to tell us what it is you want!

Starting at 1.00pm these meetings will last as long as required, and might be as short as 10 minutes, or as long as an hour, but regardless we also plan to put on additional Events on the same day, such as talks/presentations etc. 

Meeting on November 2nd: As usual we will have an agenda of items to be discussed with our members, but the meeting will be followed by a cookery demonstration and tasting session delivered by Lindsay Guidi. Lindsay tells us "I will be making a Mexican Beef Chilli Quesadilla with Guacamole. I'll talk about how to transform the leftover mince (from mince and tatties) into something special!". All attendees will receive a printed copy of the recipes too. This promises to be a fun and informative event so please come along.