Theatre Group

We are hoping to start a Theatre Group in the New Year (2019). The intention being that the group would embark on regular theatre trips, mainly to The Gaiety in Ayr, but not exclusively, so trips to Kilmarnock, Glasgow and Edinburgh could also be on the agenda.

As of 01.11.18 we have had a fabulous response with approximately 20 names of people interested in joining this group.

Moving forward the plan is to have a meeting with all interested members in January after the General Meeting on 10 Jan 2019 to sort out the initial details. We hope 20 minutes or so should be enough to look at The Gaiety's Spring brochure and to decide on a day and date of our first outing. 

It has also been suggested that we could have a monthly fee/saving club [with its own bank account with a debit card] for members to put a regular amount in each month to make paying for the tickets easier. We can discuss this at the meeting if anyone would like to have a saving scheme.  

The group leader is Jackie Johnson.

If you wish to add your name and mobile number to the list contact Jackie Johnson by texting 07496 684738 or e-mail

If you're interested in what The Gaiety currently has to offer check their website here: