The old Knit & Natter and the In Stiches sewing Group, have joined forces. We have come together to form one group that meets twice a week. 

Mondays and Thursday in Goudie's Boot Room 10.00 to 12.30. 

We meet at Goudie’s boot room for a very relaxed get together twice a week, why not pop in and see us one morning. Just come along and have a laugh, brush up on your skills, learn something new. 


Thursday evening in the community room at 14 Crosne Street, the residents have invited us to join them between 7pm & 9pm. (Still on hold due to South Ayrshire council and Covid)  


Come along and learn/brush-up you're knitting or crotchet or just for a natter.  


If you would like to attend or would like more information, please use the Contact us page to send us a message.