Currently not running, but if your interested please contact the committee

Jules has said that he is starting to make plans to resume playing live backgammon. Again, we aim to get them back into St Oswald’s Hall as soon as possible. We may try opening this group to a bigger audience.  We will keep you in the loop as to any proposed meetings etc.  

Backgammon is a fantastic game, easy to learn and has elements of both skill and luck which makes it possible for total novices to beat expert players!

The backgammon group meets every Tuesday morning at 10.30 am and runs for between an hour and 90 minutes or so. The aim of the group is for members to learn and improve their backgammon play, and to engage in friendly competition. Jules, our organiser, has been playing backgammon for over 30 years and has significant tournament experience gained mainly in the 1980's. Please note that this group is as much for complete beginners as more experienced players as Jules is keen to get more people playing backgammon and taking them on to an intermediate or expert level.


In August a team of 5 players competed in the UK-wide Backgammon Clubs' championship in York. Three of the players came from the Maybole backgammon group, and they were joined by two others from the Ayr U3A backgammon group (also run by Jules). The team virtually picked itself, as most of our other regulars weren't available to travel to York University that particular weekend. Being the first ever tournament for all but Jules, everyone was a little apprehensive but quickly settled into our first match. Unfortunately the opposition was a trifle lucky in a couple of the games and we  lost the match. Fortunes changed in our second match, and we emerged triumphant. As a result of losing the first match, our third match became a 'must win' match, and was tied at 2-2 until the final game which was sadly won by our opponents with a lucky throw of the dice. (well we say it was lucky!)
Many people had expected us to be thrashed but we exceeded all expectations with our performance despite not making it through to the quarter finals. Everyone who went to York thoroughly enjoyed the experience of playing in a prestigious tournament and has made everyone think even more about playing backgammon and entering competitions. Because of the increased level of interest, Jules is starting another Backgammon group in Ayr to attract players of all ages and abilities. Some of our members are so keen to play they are thinking of joining this group in addition to MOFs backgammon group.

If you would like to attend or would like more information, please use the Contact us page to send us a message.