1. What is Opportunities in Retirement and how does it differ from Maybole Over 50's?  Opportunities in Retirement (also known as OIR) is a generic description adopted by some community groups (across Ayrshire) that exist to promote opportunities, activities & friendship for folk over the age of 50. Maybole Over 50's (MOFs) is one of these groups, but has dropped the 'retirement' part of the name because there is no requirement to be retired to become a member. We felt that having "retirement" in our name was counter-productive to attracting new members. Despite the name change, our aims and objectives remain exactly the same as before.

2. How do I join? Please contact our secretary by clicking here.

3. How much does it cost to join? £12 per annum.

4. Who can join? Anyone resident in North Carrick (or nearby) aged 50 or over can join. You do NOT have to be retired to join.

5. I'm not yet 50 but would like to do some of the activities on offer. Can I join? We do offer membership to people who do not meet the 50+ age criteria but have other qualifying needs. Please contact our membership secretary for more information if you are under 50 years of age.

6. What do I get for my membership fee? We are a strictly 'not-for-profit' organisation so all fees go towards the cost of running the group. Our overheads include things such as public liability insurance, stationery, printing, telephone calls, postage and this website. So the answer to the question is that you get the opportunity to participate in as many of our activities and events as you wish throughout the year. The more you join in, the better value it becomes!

7. I can't see anything that interests me, so why should I join? Well, we can only put on activities or events if there's a demand from our members. So, if there's something you're interested in and we do not currently offer it, please contact us and tell us. It's easy to contact us, just click here.

8. I still don't understand what Maybole Over 50's is all about. Please can you explain? Hopefully, you can get the answer from here, but if you're still unclear please contact us and we'll try and help fill you in. 

9. I don't have an email address. Does it matter? We prefer to communicate with our members by email as it is much more efficient and quick to get information to you. However, we understand that some people are reticent to divulge email addresses even if they have one, so we can communicate with you by regular mail, by text messages,this website and other websites or through our noticeboard at The Speakers. 

Maybole Over 50's - an Opportunities in Retirement (OIR) group covering Maybole and North Carrick

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