Newsletter from the committee

in lieu of any General Meetings during lockdown 2020


Chairman: Martin Dunabie

Dept Chair: Charles (Chic) McDermott


Treasurer: Jackie Johnson

Press Secretary: Sharon Fields

Others: Linda Harvey, Stella Boyd, Frances Murray.




Hello everyone,

We hope you are all well, in these uncertain times, we have decided to issue this notice to update everyone of where we are and what we can and can’t do this year!

Since our last meeting in on Thursday 06 February 2020.



1] MOF’s Membership- We have waved the membership fees for 2020 for all current members. The membership cards were printed and sitting here ready to issue. Any new members would be asked to pay a £12.00 registration fee.

2] AGM – We had to cancel this for 2020 and carry on as we are until we can safely have an AGM with all members hopefully, early next Year 2021. So, the committee would stay on as it is until then. As for the Accounts – we would roll them over until next year just like the membership.


3] Committee – With Willie resigning from the committee and Linda stepping down as secretary due to ill health [but staying on the committee]. We would like to thank them both for all their hard work and ask if we have any members who would like to join our committee, and we urgently need a secretary.

4] MOF’s Calendar 2021– This will be on sale later this month - The MOF’s Camera Club has supplied us with pictures for the new calendar these have gone off to the printers and we should have the calendars back before the end of October. We have ordered 2 sizes, the regular A4 spiral we normally have and a long thin kitchen calendar We are holding the price at £6.00 each. Please place orders via e-mail or text as soon as possible - -

MOF’s mobile number 07961 833 401


5] Charity Shop – We only had 2 days in the charity shop [raised £180] and all the stock is now at Jackie J’s house. We were hoping to get back in but that has still not happened

6] Bus Trips and Holidays - on hold for this year - we should plan our next bus trip for summer 2021 possibly the Dundee V&A trip as we had a particularly good sign up?

7] Burns Supper 2020 – we had a great night with 25 members plus some guests & lots of wonderful feedback, Yes, we will do this again but not next year maybe January/ February 2022.


8] The Big Raffle – the licence needed has been requested this was sent to SAC before lockdown started so we must wait and see!


9] Groups- we thought that some of these could re-start just a couple of weeks ago – However with the newest restrictions we don’t see any restarting for a while as yet!


10] Speakers – We have heard from Mark Fletcher that they are hoping to be open before Christmas so we can look forward to getting back in and seeing all the changes.


11]MOF’s recipe book – We have started to collect recipes, but it has been very slow, thanks to the members who have replied, but we need more if we are going to produce a booklet of any kind


If you have any questions or quires please do but hesitate to contact us, we hope to hear from you all soon,




The MOF’s Committee

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